Your symptoms
aren't all in your head.

We get to the “why” so you can get back to your life.

Work with a qualified provider for a unique plan to address the root cause of your symptoms.





personalized medical care

What’s in your membership

We believe in quality face-to-face time with your board-certified doctor.  You’ll stay connected with your provider during your membership via your patient portal in addition to your regular visits.

Our health coach helps you through the diet and lifestyle changes on your journey. This is about more than just a diet plan — we give you accountability and tools to develop a life marked by wellness.

We order comprehensive bloodwork and other advanced lab testing to uncover what other providers may have missed.

Memberships for in-person patients also include at least two InBody scans for a full body composition analysis.

Every body is different, and not all supplements are right for every person. We identify and recommend supplements that best address your unique needs.

Optimizing these three areas of wellness will play a vital part in your healing. You’ll work with your MD and health coach to prioritize these crucial factors.

Sano members see a

70% improvement

in overall symptom scores during their first 6 months.*

improvement in overall energy
improvement in digestive issues
improvement in concentration/brain fog
improvement in overall mood

*Results are validated by medical symptom questionnaires that are tracked and analyzed at regular intervals.

Functional medicine works.

Why, despite advancements in medicine, are people sicker than ever at an earlier age?

Health is determined not only by genetics, but also by various environmental exposures, including diet, stress, toxins, habits, and even self-perception. 

Functional medicine recognizes the complexity of the human body. It identifies imbalances contributing to disease and how we feel from day to day. It uses data from specialized lab testing to uncover the source of the problem, not just the symptoms.

At Sano Health Club, we design personalized holistic treatment plans to restore overall balance. The body is a remarkable thing! It can heal itself with the right tools.

A better approach to wellness.

Wellness Programs*

Amounts shown are based on member pricing

    • Essentials


      • 2 Doctor Visits
      • 10 Health Coaching Sessions
    • Complete


      • 4 Doctor Visits
      • 10 Health Coaching Sessions
    • Elite


      • 8 Doctor Visits
      • 10 Health Coaching Sessions

Sano Health Club Membership Details

Our membership fee is: $295 per year. All annual memberships include:

  • 10% off all supplements and services (including doctor visits, health coaching sessions, bundled packages and sauna sessions)
  • Messaging through the member portal with your doctor and Care Team for continued support inbetween appointments 
  • Comprehensive InBody scans
  • Access to exclusive Member Only Events 
  • Immediate family members can take advantage of a discounted $150/year membership
  • Virtual visits are available

Patients enroll in the annual membership and select a wellness program package for continued care. Wellness Program Packages are recommended at your consultation.

  • Monthly billing option requires a 3 month deposit
  • Discounts available for Pay in Full option

You do not have to become a member to see one of our providers or to access services. However, if you opt out of the membership, you will not be eligible for member-exclusive discount pricing. Purchasing one of our wellness program packages will help you save money in most cases, based on the optimal number of visits our members may benefit from.

Please schedule a call with a Care Team member to learn more.

Frequently asked questions

You will be working directly with board certified medical doctors who are also certified in functional medicine.

Because of the unique type of care we provide, we do not accept any form of insurance, including Medicaid or Medicare, for membership fees or appointment visits.

After each visit, we can provide a Superbill, or detailed invoice, that you can submit to insurance for out-of-network reimbursement. Many members choose to pay for their plans using FSA/HSA dollars.

For a $75 fee, we can complete prior authorizations for Insurance for medications we prescribe.

We recommend first contacting your insurance to verify your copay and deductible. In some cases, medications we prescribed are not covered.

For the best self-pay cost on your medications, visit GoodRx. Many prescriptions end up costing less than the $75 it costs for a prior authorization to use your insurance copay/deductible.

Insurance plans may cover the specialty in-depth tests we offer depending on deductible and out-of-network lab coverage. We encourage our members to call their insurance in advance to ask about coverage. We are able to provide diagnosis codes and Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) codes to give to your insurance company.

Most conventional insurance plans do not cover the specialty in-depth tests we offer. We have negotiated discounted rates with lab companies for bloodwork for those that do not have insurance or have poor insurance coverage.   

We will always discuss the necessity of any test and its cost with you before ordering it. It is always up to you to approve recommended testing.

A membership model offers benefits and services that a traditional payment structure does not. Our membership model offers continuity, messaging and support through our secure online portal, transparency, advanced diagnostic testing, access to health coaching, and a collaborative care team. At Sano, you become part of a community that embraces long-term health goals. 

Choosing functional medicine is about more than getting a bang for your buck. It’s an investment in your health.

No, a membership is not required to receive services from our providers. A membership allows you to receive services at a discounted rate.

Supplement cost will vary depending on the protocol(s) recommended to treat your condition. On average, the cost will be between $600-$1500 for the first 3-6 months. This can be customized based on budgetary constraints.

Ongoing supplement costs during follow-up care vary considerably depending on the patient and treatment plan, but average $80–$250/month.

We consider your needs, preferences, and budget when determining what tests to prescribe. The cost of lab tests recommended can range from $150 – $4,200. All testing is customized specifically for you, and we offer flexibility by staggering tests over time for affordability. This cost does depend on the complexity of your condition, level of diagnostics required, and what your insurance may (or may not) cover.

The exact lab testing we recommend depend on your individual circumstances but might include:

  • Blood tests for specific conditions like high cholesterol, hypothyroidism, vitamin markers, autoimmune disease, gluten and food sensitivity, and stealth infections.
  • Advanced stool testing to screen for parasites, fungal overgrowth, bacterial infections, intestinal inflammation, dysbiosis, and a deficiency of beneficial gut bacteria.
  • Breath testing for gastrointestinal bacterial imbalances, such as small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO).
  • Urine organic acids testing to screen for small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, fungal overgrowth, problems metabolizing fat or carbohydrates, B-vitamin status, methylation issues, detoxification capacity, oxidative stress and neurotransmitter metabolism.
  • Saliva or serum hormone testing for adrenal and sex hormone status.

Each additional family member is $175/yr. This fee includes the same perks for each additional family member that is included in the annual membership fee.

Yes! We are grateful for the hard work of these individuals and offer a 20% discount off of the annual membership fee and all packages/services.

Yes, you can cancel your plan at any time but will be charged full list price for services rendered. Annual membership fees are non-refundable.

Although our physicians are trained family physicians, Sano Health Club’s practice is primarily focused on functional and lifestyle medicine. A doctor will work with you as a medical consultant and cannot be your primary care provider. We strongly recommend having a primary care doctor outside of Sano Health Club.

We are not available for same-day appointments.

Services do not expire with an active membership.

Beyond visits, the primary mode of communication with our care team is through messaging on our patient portal. We answer quickly during the week, typically within 24-48 hours. 

If you have a medical emergency, visit an urgent care center or an emergency room.

We require 48 hours’ notice for a changed or canceled appointment for a full refund. A cancellation fee applies for missed appointments. Please refer to our intake form for updated information.

We take your privacy seriously. Please review our privacy policy. We only accept communications through our secure patient portal or phone system to protect your health information as a patient.

Yes. There is a minimum charge of $50, and we may prorate additional charges for any staff time spent over 15 minutes.

Traditional Western medicine is usually focused on evaluating a patient’s symptoms and forming a diagnosis. The treatment plan usually involves a medication or procedure to treat that symptom.

Functional medicine takes a look at the root cause and intervenes as far up the chain as possible. It emphasizes disease prevention and health optimization. It assumes a whole-body, individualized approach and longer-lasting treatments for chronic conditions and common ailments.

Everything in the body is connected, and functional medicine embraces that.

Ready to begin your wellness journey?