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Our Clients After Sano

I started seeing Dr. Emily with a list of symptoms and a larger list of failed prior practitioners and methods. She understood the root cause of my health issues. Since working with her, my health has made a huge upward curve. I’m beyond grateful for the change this practice has made in my life.

Instead of slapping a “bandaid” on me. Dr. Emily educated and healed me, Lorena the health coach was so empathetic when supporting my journey, and the manager Jesenia was so professional and made me feel very prepared and clear of what to expect as a patient.

Before Sano, I had weird symptoms that could not be diagnosed by other physicians. Working with her is incredibly easy, her staff has been nothing short of amazing, and the customer care is top-notch. The best part is that I’ve never felt better in my life.

Featured Reviews

“Dr. Emily is an intuitive and empathetic doctor that really listens.

I had pelvic pain, mood swings and hot flashes due to hormone imbalances and when I saw conventional doctors, they tried to push birth control pills on me which I didn’t want to take. Dr. Emily was able to get to the root of my issues through advanced hormone testing that I had never previously done. She has been able to help me balance my hormones using a combination of herbs, supplements, diet changes and hormone therapy. Throughout all of this, I felt like she truly cared about me as a whole person and she took the time to really explain to me and educate me about what was going on inside my body. I am grateful I found her.”

Ann Stoner

“I have Hashimoto’s thyroid disease and previous doctors told me the only thing I could do about it is take synthroid. No one had ever even explained to me that my diet could have a huge impact on my thyroid function.

Dr. Emily was able to help me figure out what my trigger foods are. Through changing my diet and by supplementing, I have been able to gradually decrease the dosage of my thyroid medication while losing weight. My energy levels have improved and my brain fog has been lifted. It has been quite the journey but with Dr. Emily’s help, I feel confident that I will continue to get better.”

Diantha Drown

I’ve been with Dr. Jiang since February now, about 7 months. I called her out of desperation one day because of my horrible eczema. I started to experience a mild skin rash late 2019 which morphed into a full blown eczema ordeal. From the start, she was extremely friendly and understanding over the phone. I lived in Santa Monica at the time and took the 45 minute drive out to Camarillo immediately. She mentioned that it was her day off but that I should come in, possibly she sensed the desperation in my voice.

I went from 117lbs in mid Dec to 96lbs in Feb around the time I met Dr. E. I was afraid to eat as I felt like everything was causing me to break out. I went through so many different cleanses, elimination diets etc etc and got to a point where I was all bones, unhealthy and not even hungry as my skin was stressing me out. My eczema got so bad that I didn’t like wearing clothes as it would sting when rubbing on my skin, I showered every 3 days or so because being under the water would be unpleasant. Needless to say, I was depressed and felt like I had no hope. I decided to start treatment under Dr. E’s guidance.

Through her advice with vitamins, supplements and a diet adjustment, I eventually healed. The journey was rough with numerous texts and questions as the condition got worse for a few weeks. My condition got so bad that I got scared and I would just turn to her for advice. I think about 3 months in, I started to notice things were calming down. She gave me a time frame as to how long she thought it would take for me to heal and it was pretty spot on. I went in for my periodic check ups, diet adjustments, supplement adjustments. February – March was very bad, April, I started to see my skin calm down just a tad bit and come May I noticed major improvement. I write this on 8/6 and my skin has completely healed. The discoloration took some time but I’m about almost clear of that as well.

My before and after pics most likely will give you an idea of my progress but more importantly she is amazing to work with and she actually cares I’m still with her now to make sure I’m progressing (I’ve healed from eczema) but am focused on my overall health right now, preventative care.

She is a wealth of knowledge, compassionate and does what a doctor needs to do: heal.

The before pics are pretty much around the time I met her and a few weeks in and the after photo was taken early May or so after much improvement. Right now, my skin is back to normal. Thank you Dr. E and if you are going through a similar situation, highly recommend her.

Kyu S.

“I had terrible IBS which was interfering with my ability to socialize and live a normal life. With Dr. Emily’s help, we got to the root of the issue which we were able to treat with holistic methods. We were also able to identify problematic foods that I had been eating almost daily. I am so much more informed about how my body works after working with her.

Dr. Emily is not only smart and caring, she is systematic and thoughtful with her approach. On top of that, she delivered the results I was looking for. I can’t recommend her enough.”

Chris Kay

“Extremely friendly and welcoming. The whole office staff and Dr Emily provide a wonderful service!”

Michelle S.

“Dr. Emily is very knowledgeable, friendly, and so easy to talk with about being healthy and overcoming those obstacles that might get in your way!”

Jeanne G.

“She really does detailed research when it comes to your health, and she is a health care provider that I know I can trust so much!”

Faith M.